Your VPN Speeds

Starting a thread to collect user reported VPN speeds since this is not well documented information. I’m slightly curious if certain models are faster or slower with more features being distributed between the limited processing resources. I saw some data suggesting certain models may be 50-100% faster with a range of ~10-20 Mbps (OpenVPN). Please report your information and hopefully this will become a nice reference:

Speed down / up
Hardware model (MT300A 128MB, MT300A 256MB, …)
Firmware/build (GLi, OpenWRT, …)
VPN protocol (OpenVPN, …)
Encryption level (AES 128, …)
Test method (LAN, internet, …)
Enabled connections (WAN->LAN, WAN->WLAN, WAN->LAN/WLAN, …)
Any other resource intensive features enabled (QoS, …)