Zigbee2mqtt server on gl.inet device(s)

I’m looking if there is any did something step in this direction. I’m interested to the possibility to install some package (not to much heavy) to add a zigbee2mqtt server function to the Mango. It has, I’m assuming, all the hardware needed (antemna, RAM) to run a relatively small package as the zigbee2mqtt is.

From this Zigbee2MQTT

you need to run nodejs on Mango router, which is nearly impossible.

S1300 is what you can try.

Thanks for your reply. Don’t have enough skills about hardware needed to run an zigbee2mqtt server, I was assuming it should be possible if it’s possible, as is, to run it on a nodemcu board. On the other side there are portable versions of node js that could be installed on a usb drive. I’m not a developer and actually ignore if this could be a workaround for the limited resources of the Mango router.