12 vdc poe?


Is there a 12 VDC POE module for the GL-AR150 ?


My application is using Wi-Fi on boats and cars, so I’d like to use 12 VDC. For example, currently I use a Alfa AP-121U , which has “12V Passive PoE”, but I’d like to use the GL-AR150 because it’s much smaller.


Thanks !



We use 48V standard 802.3af. We got some request to use 24V PoE because there are some cheap adapters. But the first time someone ask for 12V.

We are considering 24V now.

As you would need some type of device to convert to cat 5 would this work



There are different “passive” volatages

As mentioned the AP-121U uses 12 VDC

The Ubiquiti PicoStation M2 uses 12 to 24 VDC . Ubiquiti UAP, UAP-LR, and UAP-Outdoor is 12-24v

The TL-WA901ND uses 12 VDC

The Alfa N2 uses 12V to 24V

Compex WPJ344LV (low-voltage) is 12 to 24 VDC

Super awesome would be if y’all could make a “12 to 24 VDC” module.



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Yes. We noticed that these passive PoE adapter are quite popular and we are developing the solutions.


Any news?

Waiting patiently …


Still no progress in 24V or 12V PoE

We just updated our 48V PoE module.

I have used a car type usb supply, a passive poe injector and a micro-usb splitter for this. All the bits are commonly available and allows you to use any GL mini router with the micro-usb power connector. This seems fine on a 20 metre cat 5e cable. For longer runs you might need the usb supply at the router end and push 12 volts up the cable.

The Raspberry Pi market seems to use this approach and all the bits can be found on Amazon.

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