1800AX OpenVPN (Express VPN) Issue

I am able to connect to the router without a VPN installed but when I try to set up ExpressVPN, it will not connect to the internet.

Does the router show Expressvpn connected?

I have SurfShark on to different Gl.inet routers open vpn tcp can take some time to connect when all goes green it takes a further 5 minutes before you get a throughput, WireGuard connects in seconds still SurfShark, but SyberGhost Open VPN no issues, on both routers both running v4.2.1
Tonight I will try UDP on SurfShark for interest, the problem servers tend to be UK ones Holland & Germany less problematic.

Hello, I also have the same problem with Nordvpn for a few hours, impossible to connect to the Nordvpn server, on the other hand with the Nordvpn application no problem on my computer. An idea ?

Bonjour , j’ai aussi le même problème avec Nordvpn depuis quelques heures , impossible de me connecter au serveur Nordvpn , par contre avec l’application de Nordvpn aucun problème sur mon ordinateur. Une idée ?

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cant connect to nord

user and password is fine

why guys? an yone got an idea here, enough of us are talking about this,

is it Router FW or what




Anyone know what this warning is on my openVPN tcp SurfShark

For Nord, 95% sure it is wrong username and password. Need to use vpn connection credentials not email and login passwords.


Thank you very much for your help, you solved my problem.

Merci beaucoup pour ton aide , tu as résolu mon problème .

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Surfshark, huh? You might want to give this a read:


:):). iwas in pannic modeee too mate, glad its fix for ya there

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Cheer for the response mate, top one for you help