doesnt work for me

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I bought today the router GL-SF1200, but in the last step I cannot join the admin panel. Is maybe my router blocking it? I use a FritzBox 6951.

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That IP will work from the SF1200 own network.

Your FritzBox doesn’t (rightly) tell your PC to send it packets for, so they get lost.

Hello Cal,

I tried to connect with the router to the pc. And even tried to connect via wireless. Both ways doesnt work.

That’s strange. What is the local IP address for your PC? And what do you see as default gateway in your network settings?

Standardgateway . . . . . . . . . :

Try connecting to that IP, what do you see?

fritzbox interface/adminpanel

You are connected to the wrong network, then.

Please confirm that the GL-SF1200 WAN port is connected over Ethernet to the Fritzbox and your PC is connected over Ethernet to a GL-SF1200 LAN port.

What is the local IP address assigned to your PC? It should be 192.168.8.xxx. If so, also try to ping to see if the GL-SF1200 is reachable.

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I found out the solution. I just changed the gateway in the FRITZ!box and I could set it up now. But still I am not happy about this because I got a 1000mbs downloadrate. But with openvpn i only got 10mbs

Whatever you did, that isn’t the solution. Check what wcs2228 said.

That router is rated for 12mbps openvpn download, better with wg. If you want to get higher rates you’ll want a more powerful device.

And which device would be optimal for me?

That depends on how much money you’re willing to spend :slight_smile:

Depends a bit on what you want to accomplish. If you are traveling around or are intending to connect wirelessly to your ISP box you want a travel router; if you are setting up another fixed location then one of the fixed routers works. You got a fixed router so I assume the latter. No consumer router out there will yet give you full gig speeds with openvpn but they are closing in fast with wg and multi-core cpus.

The gl-inet product specs always include estimated vpn speeds and are a good guide to price/performance. Note also that your download speed will depend on the upload speed at the other end of the tunnel, and vice versa.

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