won't show my settings anymore. I don't want to reset


Yesterday i played a little with my settings and now i can’t log into my router anymore.

It is connected to my main router via Lan and goes into GL-AR750S Wan!

How can i get the ip of my router to get onto the settings? don’t work too!

i changed i guess something ’ use Wan as Lan’ and till then i can’t reach my router anymore.

Please help me guys i don’t want to reset because minidlna and other stuff worked very well.

Just disconnect AR750S from your main router. Then connect to AR750S again and you will be able to access the web control.

The reason: when use wan as lan, the ports are bridged and you got IP from your main router directly.

Haaa this worked for me. I got the idea before you answered. Thanks anyway. Please close the thread.