2 Beryl Setup. Client connecting to Server but no internet

pinging had 100% packet losts so I’m assuming it’s a DNS issue, but I can’t figure out what the case is.
Port forwarding set up. VPN server can see clients.

Here’s a known good WireGuard VPN between a Flint as Server & Certa as Client. It is WG within LAN, not over Internet/WAN, but that’s easily changed if is required (via DDNS).

Can devices on the LAN of Beryl as a VPN client access Beryl as a VPN server or devices on its LAN?

Not sure I entirely follow but here is my situation:
One of my Beryls has a Wireguard VPN server on it. I’ve set it up to listen on port 15820 and I’ve set port forwarding up on another modem/router to that same port and the Beryl’s IP for TCP/UDP protocol.

I’ve then exported config files to my phone and tablet and while both connect to the VPN server and can be seen on the Beryl’s admin panel, neither are receiving internet connection from it.

What is output if you enter the command in Beryl running VPN Client?