2 questions about GL-A1300, setup and 5ghz

Hello guys! First of all thanks in advance to anyone who will help me.
I just ordered the router GL-A1300, should be here tomorrow, and i have 2 questions if possible.

1- I plan to use it for a setup like this: internet connection coming from my Samsung smartphone used as hotspot, tethering connection USB to the router, and then the router connected with ethernet cable to the smart tv, so the tv can access internet. This is possible from what I understood, right? But what network mode should i setup the router on, router/access point/extender or what? Also, how do i set it up? I mean i know the config is at (i think), can i do it from my smartphone thru wireless before i setup the tethering, or i need to connect it to a pc thru ethernet?

2- This is a bit more tricky (i’m not sure its possible but as long as 1 works im happy with it). I live in Europe, and in most Europe (i’m from Italy) from what I read the 5ghz channels over 149 are prohibited (What channels are supported in both the 2.4 GHz and 5GHz band in most countries?). The problem is that when Samsung is in tethering mode in wifi in 5ghz, it uses exactly those channels, 149 or 153. Now i dont understand how is it possible that Samsung sells smartphones in Europe using those channels that apparently are prohibited, but anyway, the problem is that you cant change 5ghz channel on the smartphone, in 5ghz it’ll always use those above 149, so i’m wondering, is there a way on the GL-A1300 to change the region code or something, so it can actually access channels 149? I think i read somewhere other models allow that but not the GL-A1300 but those were old posts. Ah, before you tell me i can use the 2.4ghz, the problem is that we have a neighbour using wifi with a strong signal that messes up the 2.4ghz in the room where i need it, the smart tv cant access the 2.4ghz network most of the time (maybe this router will access it tho, not sure, i guess ill have to try), which is why the solution #1 is what i need the most since with cables there are no inteferences.

Thanks A LOT to anyone who will help. :slight_smile:

They are allowed for low-power usage - like personal hotspots.
That’s why they are working on phone but not on a router.

Therefore it’s not possible to use those channels on the router itself, unfortunately.

Thanks a lot! Now i understand… it kinda sucks when you have a problem like mine, maybe this router will be able to pick up the 2.4ghz signal from the smartphone that the smart tv isnt able to reach because the neighbour has something interfering with it. Do you think it could be possible?
And for the 1st question, you confirm I can do that?
Thanks a lot again. :slight_smile:

Yep, should work like you said.

You can set up everything using a wireless connection - without tethering first.
Default IP should be

I would set up the device using router mode (which is the default one)

Thanks a lot man. :slight_smile: Very much appreciated.

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