2 Radio Portable Router with Battery

I am seeing your products and am very interested in GL-MiFi and gl-ar300md .

What I am looking for is a travel router with two radios one to serve as wan and another to serve as AP with two networks on it one direct connection through the wan and another that routes all it traffic through the vpn and has access to configure the router, this looks to be accomplished by the GL-ac300md, but i want to know if is there any plans to add a battery option just like the MiFi as I want to be able to use the router in airports/hotels/cafes without the need of an external power connection.

At the moment I am building a router with a Raspberry Pi but would prefer a finish solution.

Also any change of selling the GL-AC300MD thorugh amazon?

For these purposes, if I correctly understand the problem, there is a WISP mode (software mode) that is supported by most devices and all gl-inet products. I’m not a gl-inet employee, but I have doubts about the feasibility of releasing a device with a built-in battery, such devices are already on the market and you can always connect to existing powebank devices since they are powered by usb.

All our software has repeater manager so that it can serve as WAN client and AP at the same time.

If you want two radio, you may try to buy a USB wifi stick and plug in the router and use as your purpose. If you want battery then buy MiFi and use a USB wifi stick with it.

But the problem is that using USB wifi stick the performance is not as good as you thought, especially the wifi speed.