2 wifi hotspots (connected via usb) showing as tethering?

I have two little Mifi devices with separate SIM cards and plans. I had them lying about before I got the Beryl AX. When I saw that I could use multiwan with the Beryl I thought great I can hook both of them up. So far I they always show up as two separate tethering devices rather than Cellular modems, What I’ve done is use one in “tethered” mode and the other in bridged Wifi.
Could I possibly use both in tethered mode or is it possible for one to be configured so that it shows as cellular modem to take advantage of both being wired to the router? I could also disable wifi on them both and only have to worry about the wifi on the Beryl AX.
Many thanks

Sorry, the GL UI is not designed for the case of two tethering devices, because MT3000 has only one USB port …
If you are using the USB Hub to connect to multiple USB devices. You can try to configure another tethering device and interface in LuCI while ensuring that the Hub has additional power.

Sorry to resurrect an older thread! I was able to get two USB phones to connect via a powered hub, by adding the interface in LuCi.

My question is: is it possible to somehow utilize both of them for multi WAN?