2023, shorttest gl-ar-750S, 4.2.2 beta1


  • its possible to install on older FW
  • offer some new features by GUI
  • its possible to logon on web-interface on by wifi

Show stopper:

  • Its not possible to logon by LAN on web-interface on, get follow error when accessing GL routers, NGINX on router shows :

“400 Bad Request
Requested Header Or Cookie Too Large

  • Thats didn’t change on testing machine one, after rooter reboot, delete arp cache, delete browser cache, factory reset of router…
  • this error and how to fix the ngix can found on gl forum already

Other bugs and misconfiguration:

  • ssh is active on WAN, WIFI and LAN !!! old known security bug. Also not fixed on this version.

  • ssh service are allays running and isn’t deactivated by standard. Also good known energy and security misconfiguration. Check old bug reports…

  • No question found to configure the country for WIFI. The result is its not possible to run this without law violations in some country’s. And a router firmware cant get p.e. a valid CE certification and so on. As vendor, you should know and note like this. From technical point of view, the user get in some country’s wrong or missing channels.

And some other bugs. Pls read the old bug lists…:

  • Use the search term “shorttest” for this.

Can you screenshot it? These problems have not been reproduced

Error message, screenshot:

Possible the follow can give you a hint, how to solve this:

I know they are many article about how to fix this by change browser configuration. But I think, that’s should be fixed by the change the configuration on server side… Thats better for lucky customer and reduce the support cost for gl… So a clear solution will make the gl share holder also more happy.

Sample of one how too for fix this on client side by user:

For “400 bad Request”, pls show log of nginx.

cat /var/log/nginx/error.log