26 clients (low traffic)


  • 26 clients: 25 ESP32 based embedded devices + 1 PC

  • Low traffic: text messages, and one client sends a QVGA (320×200) video stream

  • All in one room: 25 m² (actually a verandah with a big open window in Hong Kong)

That should be no problem for any router GL.iNet router, right?

26 Clients is about the maximum i would recommend for any router, but yeah it should work. You might experience some dropped packets here and there, but if your software is good enough they should be no problems.

I would however not go for the cheapest GL routers, go for a newer one such as the S1300, AR750s that have 5ghz wifi for your pc, and for any future upgradability.

Expressif have been teasing a new IC called “Chip 7” which is rumored to have 5ghz wifi.

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Interesting, and glad that I asked. I was assuming that 26 clients is something that can be reached in a regular household today: a few PCs, phones, IP cameras, smart lightbulbs, etc.

Really not needed, but thanks for the suggestion. The setup will be done once, and the clients will not change.

Sure but in a regular household all the devices might not be on at the same time, or transmitting at the same time.

Since your devices will be on and transmitting constantly, that is another story.

The S1300 can probably handle 50 clients since it has a faster cpu and is dual core, but the AR750s can probably do around 30 max, so i rounded down a little.

Usually if you have a lot of clients on 1 room, such as some kind of event, you usually have multiple AP’s running at lower power so that they barely overlap, to handle all the clients. So you would have something like 6 or 7 AP’s for 300 clients in one room.

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S1300 can handle >100 devices. You can buy 100 pcs smartphones and test in your house.

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Thanks for your explanations! I’m leaning towards the AR750s, which should be more than enough. Traffic is really low.

That might be a challenge - it’s not the HW there, it’s just 802.11, one runs out of space in the time domain depending on client traffic.

I would say - 50 wireless clients maybe, but I don’t have enough coin to buy 50 smartphones :wink:

for Wired traffic, S1300 has plenty of RAM to handle the NAT state tables, it’s a fairly capable chipset there, so 100 clients there shouldn’t be a problem.