3.201 bricked my N300

Just a heads up that I tried to update my microuter-N300 to 3.201 using the GL iNet GUI with the openwrt-n300-3.201-0402.bin file and selected NOT to keep any current settings. After the update started, I waited 10 minutes, and it never came backup on the WIFI network. Power cycling it did not help, so I wasted the next hour setting up a Windows System so I could use UBOOT to finally get it updated to 3.201 using the debrick method. Note that the n300 is still not listed in the debrick document:

So if anyone else is trying to debrick an N300, the LED count is 5.

This is the most poorly documented and supported product that I own from GL iNet. It has cost me far more time and I have written more complaint posts about the n300 then all my other GL iNet systems combined. I would have moved my n300 to the generic OpenWrt firmware, but until this week it has only been available as an unsupported snapshot version, but I see that OpenWrt 21.02rc1 is now available and supports the n300, so I think it is time to give up on GL iNet firmware support of this product and move it to the OpenWrt 21.02 firmware.

Just add the n300 to the debrick docs page, thanks your feedback.

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