3.201beta2 - AR750S - instability issues

I have been using 3.201beta2 since it was posted on the server.

Since then, the experience with my slate has been quite unreliable:

  1. My huawei e1752 usb modem sometimes stops working and does not always reconnect even after a full reboot of the slate

  2. The slate sometimes spontaneously reboots

  3. As a result, I have not had a single uptime longer than 18 hours since using the firmware - normally the slate is left running 24/7 and would have days or weeks of uninterrupted uptime on 3.105

I have looked through the system logs and kernel logs but cannot see anything related to any of the issues I’ve experienced.

If it reboots, can you try the following?

change power adapter and cable
lower radio tx power


the radios are already lowered to 10dbm/high (luci/glinet) on both 2.4ghz and 5ghz

the 3g modem is old and will only be USB 1,1 or 2 at best with power draw equal or less than 500 mah

my slate doesn’t move - it’s sitting on a shelf and completely out of the way permanently and the power supply is rock solid… But I already changed both in case anyway - Have not had a reboot since but I have not been using the device much as it is weekend and I have not been home and it is not more than 12 hours uptime for now.

If there is nothing on your end to suggest why the modem is now acting unreliable since 3.201 and the device is rebooting, I will have to just see if the change in power supply or cable has any effect and get back to you either way.

To continue the report… the 3g modem was never stable under beta2 as it is/was with 3.105.

Unfortunately, under beta4 of 3.201 the modem is completely unusable.

Starting each time from a clean firmware (no settings retained), I have not yet managed to make the USB modem work for longer than 20 minutes and then only for just one time (did not work after reboot or ever again).

I have spent an hour trying every approach I could think of to make it work again only once but I cannot make it happen.