3.203_beta1 advice from devs needed about AGH upgrade

I have installed 3.203_beta1 in one of my MV1000 this morning. I use it as Wireguard client with policy to exclude 3 MAC, I have enabled AGH and added a huge block list (OISD) and added Luci and banIP (again with large lists). Everything seems to work good so far.

But AGH offers me to upgrade.

AdGuard Home v0.106.0 is now available!

Do you recommend to upgrade or is it better to keep the version you have packaged ?

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The updated version is out of GL-iNet support and the AdGuard forum is fairly exclusive compared to here, so I wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t have enough knowledge.

However, you probably have enough knowledge, so I personally recommend updating. It definitely worked fine on my MV1000-W and 3.203_beta1.
And it includes some fascinating new features!

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What are these new features added?

See the update history for the exact thing.

By the way, of the features added between 0.104 - 0.106, my favorite is the client tagging feature.
It passes the client information that AdGuard Home has roughly categorized in the DNS request to other AdGuard products, and makes it available for more detailed filtering branching conditions. It will definitely help if you are into AdGuard products.

And I also remember 0.103 (supported by GL-iNet) was the first version to support DoQ (DNS requests using the QUIC protocol, it’s secure and fastest!). Some subsequent bugfixes definitely improved the behavior, so it’s a good idea to update it when using DoQ as well.

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@makino16 Can you explain the new “Private DNS servers” setting for local hosts, why and how it’s used? Do you put the IP address of the Brume there?

I just clicked the update. Better to back up your config before doing it.

I leave it disabled, and only use OpenWRT DNS server originally included MV1000.
I think it’s better to minimize the use of AdGuard Home.

  • AGH is an alpha version app for technical verification, so it has insufficient support compared to other AdGuard products
  • Since they plan to launch product with DNS filtering that are different from ADH, so AGH updates likely decrease (terminate) after that

What annoys me most about AGH is the way it has been implemented in these GL routers. I don’t like seing all request coming from localhost. It’s like being blind not knowing what device makes what DNS request. It makes some functions unusable, like Client settings.

I may soon switch to adblock instead as it uses way less memory and can report requests from each client (although this function seems to stop working after a few hours or days).

I can use the same huge blocklist on both AGH and adblock, like OISD.
The only thing I’ll miss from AGH is the Blocked services options.

In my case, it was enough for ADH to be able to roughly classify by CIDR, so I limited the CDN server address to which each client connects to only the gateway address.

If you really have to do a complete client address classification here,
A complete two-stage configuration without loopback will maybe hurt performance, so I think easier to have an API for intermediate processing of CDN requests (irresponsible remarks🥴)

There was a wisdom who could be more helpful to you than my stupid way🥴

Thank you but I have already switched to Adblock.

Tue May 4 14:53:28 2021 user.info adblock-4.0.7[22333]: blocklist with overall 521452 blocked domains loaded successfully (GL.inet GL-MV1000, OpenWrt 19.07.7 r11306-c4a6851c72)

lol, but better idea