3.212 beta2 missing plug-ins

I loaded the new beta on my AR750S and noticed that it seems to be missing many of the plug-ins packages that are normally available. As an example the diffutils package that I use to check for file differences is not there. I did try the Update button both last night and this morning, before writing this post.

I found a solution. I had to disable my VPN to Update the list and download the package. I don’t remember having to do this in the past. I was using the Wireguard VPN client.

Update: I found if I turn off the VPN, and turn it back on, then I can download the list. It seems to only be a problem if the VPN and Killswitch are enable when the router is booted up. This can also be shown with curl. If I power cycle the router, and then from the command line run:

# curl ident.me
curl: (6) Couldn't resolve host 'ident.me'

Then from the GL iNet GUI I disconnect and reconnect to my Wireguard server, it works:

# curl ident.me

Thanks for reporting. Generally this seems a dns problem when using with/without vpn.