300A mac clone no working

Using 300A when do mac clone in Luci is not make change in broadcast mac. Always the broadcast mac is same as on sticker.

I used different firmwares. Now using http://download.gl-inet.com.s3.amazonaws.com/firmware/mt300a/tor/openwrt-gl-mt300a-tor-luci-1.0.bin

How did you do exactly? Changing mac or wan interface?

I changed all MAC addresses in Luci under “Interfaces” then I click “Advanced” tab I think? I do not have it here at this moment but if this is not clear I will log on and check.

Could you take a screenshot? Seems that it hasn’t mac clone on luci.

@alzhao @kyson-lok Screenshot is not convenient but I can explain.

Open Luci and Log in

From menu choose Network and in the dropdown choose Interfaces.

For every interface you can choose Edit button. Then click Advanced Settings. This is where you see Override MAC Address.

Is there some other better way to change the MAC that I should use and not use this?

Not sure if it works on luci. Why not following our guide? It is easy to do.

He is using another firmware and don’t have this UI.

Exactly! It is the right way to change interface’s mac address on luci.

For MT300A, if you have multiple WiFi interface you need to change all MAC address of these interface. Luci->network->wireless.

@alzhao I did this. I changed every MAC for every interface. But all interfaces have original MAC for wireless and also for LAN and WAN.

@kyson-lok I don’t know what you are saying? I use the 300A firmware that does not have this interface. I have luci interface.

pls send me all the MAC address you tried via message. I want to check.

@alzhao I find the only way to do this by SSH to router. Then vi /etc/config/network. Then underneath where says

config interface wan/lan

I put

option macaddr '11:11:11:11:!1:11'

I use different MAC not “11” etc. Now it works how I like. But if I do not do this I always see default MAC when I do scanning for wifi.

For MT300A, if you change Mac address it may break the wifi when you have multiple wifi interfaces, including ap and sta. So you’d better clone using our UI which will deal with this.

For all the vap (ap and sta) interfaces, the Mac addresses should only be different in the last 8 bit.

For example, for the following Mac, only x:xx can be different for all the Mac addresses. Other digitals should be the same.

@alzhao What you mean “when you have multiple wifi interfaces”? Can you provide example? I do not understand this sentence.

If you use repeater, they already have multiple wifi interfaces.

It means you have more than one interface for AP, station, Ad-hoc wifi settings.

@alzhao I do not understand nothings you are saying.

If you use repeater, they already have multiple wifi interfaces.

What is “use repeater” meaning? I have GL has only 2.4 radio. So is correct I do not have “multiple wifi interfaces” or is something else I do not understand? Please explain what you are saying to me.

Please I ask question “What you mean “when you have multiple wifi interfaces”? Can you provide example? I do not understand this sentence.” Now can you please explain? Please provide examples because nothings you saying is somethings I can understand.



Internet - GL.iNet Docs

Okay but what is this for my question. This instructions say " In Repeater section, click Scan to search for the available wireless networks nearby."

But I see zero “Repeater section” and this is why I was ask my more recent question please. What is “use repeater” mode?

Okay. You are using 2.x firmware so this is the correct one.