300M continuously cycles plugging in mobile broadband usb

I previously plugged a Huawei mobile broadband usb stick into my 300M, which would appear as a tethered device on eth0, which I could then connect and use.

However, this time I’ve come to use this, after clicking ‘connect’ for the device, the 300M seems to just continuously cycle (lights off, power solid, power flashing, power and wifi solid, just power solid, power and wifi solid for < 1 second, lights off, and repeat). When the wifi is present it’s using another name (iiNet58034B) that I’m unable to connect to. The normal wifi network never comes back up until I remove the USB stick.

I’m running 3.216 but this occurred on 3.215 too before I upgraded to see if .216 would fix it.

I’ve tried factory resetting but with no joy. Any ideas? I had a look at the system & kernel log via but don’t really know what abnormal looks like here .

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Update: Just upgraded to v4.3.7 and have the same issue - I’ve attached the logs
logread.tar.zip (14.8 KB)

The log doesn’t show any crash or error. But according to your observation, the board crashed and rebooted. The USB power source seems insufficient for the Huawei USB stick. You can try turning off MT300N-v2 wifi to reduce the power consumption to test if it’s a power issue.