300M Mini and 4G USB Dongle e3372h

I’m trying to use a
4g USB dongle Huawei E3372 H -153 by Orange (so Hi link version and not S) with my 300m mini (firmware version 3.104) without no results.

first of all I changed IP address of router.
I followed many topics here in the forum but I’m not experted .

For example dongle is not in Tethering , but in 3G/4G modem
I can see an orange light and the name of my network operator but nothing happens (even if I change APN)

Besides I try to follow this Using the Huawei E3372 Hi-Link LTE Dongle with OpenWRT – Protyposis but I stick because I can’t see new network interface ( even “eth1” as the guide)
what can I do?

If you want to see eth1, you should use “tethering” mode.

thank you for your answer
How can I use Tethering mode?
Because if I plug dongle, it is recognized as a Modem and I can’t find a way to switch it in Tethering.
I also checked Internet Settings - GL.iNet Docs but I can’t find it :disappointed_relieved:

This is the setting of your e3372. It has its own control panel to set up.