[300M] Samba or FTP speed? Vehicle NAS

Hi, I’m interested in the 300M to use in my car as a portable NAS to serve files to ipads running the Infuse app(Infuse 7 - An Elegant Video Player | Firecore). I have a QNAP NAS at home and this setup works great for the house. But I would like something in the car as well.

I have a few questions, any clarifications would be greatly appreciated.

  1. How big of a USB stick will work on the GLI net? Will it work with a USB hard drive, assuming I get a Y cable to split power to an external source for the hard drive?

  2. How fast is the Samba or FTP speed?? I need about 4MBYTE/s speed for some of my blu-ray rips, preferrably two 4MB/s streams would be nice.

  3. Is the accesspoint reliable after constant power cycles?? Does it boot up, and start the wifi connection and samba reliably? How quick does it boot?

–thanks in advance.


  1. I tried 32GB USB stick and it works. Don’t use a USB hard driver because it will consume a lot of power.

  2. Yes around 4MBps

  3. It boot up around 40 seconds. It works ok. Please try.