3D CAD Data or full drawings

Good Day!

Do you have CAD data(*.STEP or *.igs) of Domino Core and other Domino PCBs. And full drawings(includes all three views - front, side, up).

At this moment i can’t find a height value of Domino Core.


Kind regards, Max.

Sorry, no 3D cad.

High of Domino Core is 3.5mm

Bad. This is Eagle problem - no 3D design support.

I can create high precision model, when my Domino Core board arrives, and provide to You for commiting on GitHub?

I’ve created some 3D model and drawing of my just received Domino Core module.

The simple drawings available at my site filestore. And the full 3D modlel i’ve uploaded at 3DContentCentral.

Hope this drawings helps somebody.