3G/4G mode on GL-MT300N-V2 not working

After trying to connect through the normal config I went to advanced to look at the logs. I keep getting “Could not determine remote IP address: defaulting to” when trying to connect through 3g/4g. Is there a simple fix for this? I bought this for its compatibility with 3G/4G.

I’m using a ZTE Mobley (VM6200) connecting to a GL-MT300N-V2.

daemon.notice netifd: wan (1585): udhcpc: sending discover
daemon.info pppd[1821]: CHAP authentication succeeded
daemon.notice pppd[1821]: CHAP authentication succeeded
daemon.warn pppd[1821]: Could not determine remote IP address: defaulting to
daemon.notice pppd[1821]: local IP address
daemon.notice pppd[1821]: remote IP address
daemon.notice pppd[1821]: primary DNS address
daemon.notice pppd[1821]: secondary DNS address

Are you connecting to Mobley via WiFi or USB?

I’m connecting through USB.