3rd Ethernet port - not in ifconfig

We developed a custom board using the Domino Core module and we are trying to use all 3 Ethernet ports that are available. The 4 pins on the bottom of the module are actually working correctly as well as one of the ports on the side (I believe Port P4 is the one that is not showing up).

Does the firmware need to be recompiled for this additional port? its strange to me that the port tied to the bottom 4 pins works fine but the port on the side doesnt seem to show up. I tried “ifconfig eth2 up” through eth5 and I dont get anything.

Any insight is appreciated.

Domino Core only have eth0 and eth1. Eth1 is a switch rather than a single port.

If you are using all 3 Ethernet port, you need to notices that the 3rd port is also in eth1.

So you don’t need change firmware, it should just works.

Please use swconfig to display the switch information of eth1. The command should be something like

swconfig dev eth1 show

You will find ports information. If you connect cables, you will find whether it is connect or not.

Thank you for the quick response! That makes sense, I was able to get all 3 devices talking to the router. I had an issue with noise on the center tap.

Thanks again, loving the Domino core so far!