4.2.3 Beta Firmware Release Notes: GL-AXT1800 Slate AX, GL-AX1800 Flint

Release Notes:

Fixed the problem that after the MT3000 relays the 160M Hz hotspot, the AP becomes 20M.

Fixed the problem that the AX/AXT1800 cannot access the AP itself after relaying the DFS 140 channel.

Fixed the problem that parental control cannot block blacklist websites in newer browsers.

Fixed the externder working mode, the superior cannot ping the subordinate.

Fixed the problem that openvpn port forwarding fails after the reserved configuration is upgraded.

Fixed the problem that A1300 cannot recognize USB3.0 external modem.

Fix the problem that mqtt cannot report SSID.

Fixed the problem that ddns occasional interface return error.

Roll back MTK SDK from v7.6.7.0 to v7.6.6.1.

Running the above firmware and no issues to report so far.

I am curious when they are gonna upgrade tailscale, its running a version that came out Oct 2022 and there has been some awesome improvements to the client since then