4.2 Release 3 went STABLE for FLINT Router

Updated with the .tar. Uneventful. I don’t use remote services which is what this update is mostly about. My Wireguard VPN and VOIP is working and my LAN is working…Nothing in the log about what if any SECURITY UPDATES were implemented between 4.10 Release 6 and 4.20 Release 3.

funny thing is, it never came up as an update in the router itself, I was on 4.1.0 and it said no updates available, im on the latest version, I had to manually download 4.2.0 and install it.

It should show up as update unless there is a bug.

Just checked and mine also does not indicate an upgrade is available to 4.2.x

Mine didn’t notify me to after a hit update packages

Hmmm, I can’t seem to find that option from the where did you “hit update packages” ?


I meant the plugins update button

Thanks - It’s weird, I do not see an update button anywhere within, plugins… what am I missing?

I am also not seeing the update in the GUI. I think you have a bug.

Sorry, in LuCi under software

Try hitting refresh in the plugins in the GUI.

Goodcloud notified me in the app that are upgrade was ready.

Thanks K3rn3l_Ku5h, strangely none of that works, including Luci, GUI nor Goodcloud.

Well, it’s certainly no big deal and I can just upgrade manually, no problem.