4.5.7 breaks Chamberlin/MyQ connectivity - MT6000


When up I updated to 4.5.7 (both keeping settings and then clearing settings), my Chamberlin garage door no longer connects. It will connect to the 2.4 band w/o a password, but when using WPA2-PSK (the default) it doesn’t connect.

Reset to 4.5.6 and everything works fine. There doesn’t seem to be any firmware update on the garage door available.

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Have you tried WPA2/WPA Mixed?

On 4.5.6 you also use WPA2?

Hi chadkirchner:

Can you provide the log information of verizon 4.5.7?


Pls try this operation.

sed -i s'/G_BAND_256QAM=1/G_BAND_256QAM=0/'  /etc/wireless/mediatek/mt7986-ax6000.dbdc.b0.dat
wifi down
wifi up