4.x API Docs

Hi All,

I recently got a MT-2500A, with the intention of running a VPN for my home network, and to have some parental controls in the household.

I was developing a homeassistant integration, to allow easy switching of some things to the adult members of the family.

I got some stuff working well, and I am adding a few more capabilities to the integration. However the API docs at https://dev.gl-inet.com/router-4.x-api/ are gone!

Not sure if they’ll be back or not, does anyone know? are the docs somewhere else?

I can always inspect the traffic of the web config interface, but it is not as convenient.

Any guidance from anyone?

Yes, the web server has been down since last week.

You can however use archive.org. It has a full snapshot of the down website as of January 6.