4.x firmware for the n300 and USB150

When will the n300 and USB150 router firmware be updated to 4.x?

The n300 shows it is supported until November 2nd, 2024
per Discontinued Products - GL.iNet

Multiple times we were promised 4.x updates in posting to this forum, for both these products, but neither product has been updated!


I hope not. These don’t have the memory to hold any new features, it would pointless as 4.x requires a ton of space.

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The n300 has the same amount of ram and flash as several other gl inet router that have 4.x firmware including the ar750, ar300m16 and mt300n-v2.

The USB150 has the same amount of flash, just less ram.

In posts to this forum gl inet employees committed to releasing 4.x for these products. I just want them to fulfill their promises.

There’s no point. You can’t fit any new features on those devices other than the dark theme.

If you want the features, upgrade, it’s fairly cheap.

If gl.inet would release a new router in the same size, power and weight, as the USB150 or n300 I would buy it. I travel full time so size and weight matters, and all the new gl.inet routers are too big for my needs.

I dont care about new features, l just want the known bugs fixed, and GL Inet to keep their promises on supporting these 2 routers

I never understood this idea. You have an entire suitcase and you can’t spare space for a BerylAX? Their new routers are still small enough to fit in your pocket.

I think your idea is flawed or you’re really bias. :slight_smile:

I don’t have a home base, so I literally live out of my one suitcase. I spend my time seeing a different place every month or two. It is the life I have chosen. For me, every gram and every millimeter matters. Everyone has their own life, and I try not to judge other people’s life choices.

Very well then. I guess that’s your decision

@luxibao any update on the n300 4.x firmware release date? There is not even a snapshot for it.

In all honesty, the v4.x firmware have been so much less stable on my Mango and Shadow that I have much preferred to stick with the v3.x of the firmware so far. They appear to be messing things up with each newer firmware version and although I like the new features, I much prefer some stability as well.

I agree GL iNet firmware quality control leaves a lot to be desired, but if they are not even providing 4.x firmware for these devices, then it will NEVER be tested.

Overall, GL iNet has some serious issues with their whole firmware process, and looking at all the bugs since 2.x, when I started using their products, it is almost shameful.

As an example: 4.x for the USB 150 was promised in Jan 2021. Over promised, under delivered.

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Which bugs are affecting you?

I've tried 4.xx, but I've gone back to 3.xx on my Mango and Slate - it works with no problems at all.

If v4 came out for my N300, I wouldn't even bother with it - works great as it is.

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