4g Connection Problems HUAWEI E3276 and GL-AR300M V2

Good Evening,
I have a GL-AR300M V2 ruoter and a HUAWEI E3276 modem, why does not it connect me to 4G? tell me that I can only connect in 3G since I have a 4G modem compatible and tested by GLI? I state if I put the modem in my PC I can browse in 4G.

Sorry for my translated english

The router doesn’t control it works in 3G or 4G. I believe E3276 works as hostless mode. Just set up as Tethering.

Please check Overview - GL.iNet Docs

How do I set up the router? I only work in /dev /usb0 how can I fix?
Tanks you

Just choose /dev/usb0 in Tethering tab and connect