4G/LTE Module works for both North America and China

I have EC20-A that works in North America with T-Mobile. I got it installed in GL-MiFi. Would this LTE module work if I travel to China? I’ve looked at several options like having EC20-CE for China. But if I can have one LTE module that works for both countries that would be great.

If EC20-A does not work in China, what other options (other than EC20-CE) that works for both North America and China? like EC25 maybe? And then, what carrier in China is best at reasonable plan? I am using T-Mobile and Mint Mobile here in the USA. They work great and looking forward to have similar plan in China.

Pls try Quectel EG25-G or Sierra MC7455

Do you sell either one of these in your store? I don’t seem to be able to find it. Thank you.

We do have EG25-G but not in big quantity.

Here you can buy EC25-E or any EC25 modules and leave a note that you want EG25-G and we will handle.

Note, 2 weeks holiday and no shipping from now.

Ok, thank you, will do it after the holiday. Will come back in 2 weeks time for it.