4G/LTE on GL-MiFi

i just bought GL-MiFi. when i want to create new connection, i didnt find any option to set the network to 4G/LTE. only saw UMTS/WCDMA. any help? i bought the EC20 module.

This seems to be a GUI limitation. I discovered that LTE is in use by using a command line tool called uqmi. Use as follows:

Enable dropbear/SSH.

Use Putty to SSH into the router.

Type the following:

uqmi -d /dev/cdc-wdm0 --get-signal-info

Should see something like what follows:


“type”: “hdr”,

“rssi”: -125,

“ecio”: 5,

“io”: -106,

“type”: “lte”,

“rssi”: -74,

“rsrq”: -8,

“rsrp”: -105,

“snr”: 142


I am fairly certain that LTE means what it says.

thanks so much. actually i just found tutorial in the manual, but looks like the tutorial not working.

the tutorial said only need to change to “fdd-lte” on the config the will connect as lte. not working for me.

then i tried your suggestion to use qmi. damn, its working great. even can read & send sms now. but only via terminal. would be nice if can use GUI.

the bad side of using qmi mode, the 3g/4g led not working when using this mode.

update: found solution. need too update device in led list :slight_smile:

You just need to choose umts it should works as LTE.

If you are using v2.24 it will use uqmi automatically.

I agree that it would be nice to have 3G/LTE status and sms facility in GUI.

If I recall, rooter implementation of OpenWRT has this.