4G LTE SIM Card wholeseller

I can buy the routers, but need a source for the SIM cards and the unlimited, no slowdown accounts from T-Mobile and/or Verizon. ATT doesn’t work in this area very well.

It is not the same as a cell phone account and the regular sales folks have no clue what i’m talking about.

EVDOUSA, Trifecta, and Nomad internet all provide this service but none is willing to share info with me of course. I would be competition so really cannot blame them

I do want to get into this business for retirement and have experience with being an ISP and with tech. Just need to contacts / source for the accounts and SIM cards.

Any help would be appreciated


There’s a couple of resellers that are open to selling SIM’s…

  1. Jersey Telecom - jtglobal.com
  2. Airlinq (formerly GlobeTouch) - airlinq.com

They’re both pretty good - not sure if Airlinq is still in the reseller biz.

Alternately - could approach t-mobile directly for an MVNO agreement, but this usually requires a significant financial agreement.