4g router with 4g sma antenna connector?

I am struggling to find a 4g router that can accept an external 4g antenna to boost signal. does gl inet make one ?

All the 4G routers use mPCI-e modules that have u.FL connectors. You can easily add a u.FL to SMA pigtail and have your antenna.

The Mifi has drilled holes you just have to punch out for such a setup.

On the x750 Spitz, both the external antennas are for the 4G, the wifi antenna is on the board for 2.4ghz, and has a small internal antenna for 5ghz.

For the new Mudi, you would have to drill a hole for an SMA antenna, but you can use the same pigtail setup.

@Johnex OMG thanks for this awesome reply; the spitz looks exactly what I am looking for ! Just to be sure I can replace one or both of the sma antenna with a more powerful one if needed ? Please correct me but the antennas on the spitz look like SMA or are they u.Fl ?

On the Spitz they are SMA :slight_smile:

Hello again

Where can I find documentation on the 4G/LTE modules of the spitz ? Which one to choose for best compatibility in Europe ?

Recommendation is EP06-E . Detail of bands etc is here.

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