4G/VPN router send/receive sms


Does somebody know if the following router https://store.gl-inet.com/products/gl-mifi-4g-smart-router?variant=3077071732763 is able to send/receive sms?

I need it because I want to use an unlimitted data sim card and I need to send/receive sms for this.

Thank you already for your reply.


Yes, here is the guide for that:

Hi John,

Thank you for your reply, an I just wanted to be sure. i can also work with NordVPN on this router right?

I need it for testing, so need to VPN to other countries, and uses different devices (streaming/phones/tablets/computers).

Thank you

Yes it will work. For the v2 firmware there is a guide on the NordVPN page here:

But it is recommended that you upgrade to the v3 firmware as soon as you get the router. The steps will be similar and if you have and issues you can write here in the forums :slight_smile:

Make sure you get the newer Mifi with the EP06 modem for best performance.

Hi John,

Thank you that is great then I can order the modem.

Do you maybe have the link to the correct modem (EP06) and I need the EMEA version because I am located in the Netherlands.

Again thank you so much!


Here you go:

It’s just the EP06-E :slight_smile:

super thank you just ordered it :slight_smile: