5G Network not transmitting

So this happened maybe an hour ago id say. For some reason my 5G wifi is not broadcasting. My 2.4G transmits fine its just the 5G wont. I have restarted the router twice and it has still not come online. In the luci panel when I look at the 5G network it doesn’t look like the other ones that I’ve disabled. Also my home network now has a “?” in the host part so I have no idea whats up with that. Is this maybe a software or hardware issue?

5G is set to 157. Try changing to 42 and see what happens.

I could try that next time. Legit all I did to fix it was disconnect it from my home wifi and reconnect it. It was always on the 5G option but i made sure it was this time and it worked. Idk how or why that worked because I’m already plugged into with ethernet but it worked. Very weird.

Also now looking at it, the 5G channel is on 44. I guess it did that automatically when i reconnected?

Band may be set to Auto then. Might be best to set at a particular band.

My understanding is that the wifi channel on the LAN (Master) side is automatically set to the same channel of the WAN (Client) side. The radio cannot broadcast on 2 different channels at the same time, so the wifi channel on LAN side cannot be changed.

The 5Ghz wifi channel of your home wifi on the router’s WAN side may have changed from 157 to 44, so disconnect/reconnect picked up the new channel. Personally, I do use Auto channel and always set a specific channel after doing a site survey to avoid the most congested channels.