[5G] Tunnelling from Huawei CPE Pro 3 > Beryl MT1300 to Open Ports?


I’m just wondering whether this is possible - I had read that someone, somewhere, had managed to make it happen.

I have a Huawei CPE Pro 3 that’s supplying 5G Internet via Vodafone, which has Strict NAT (or Full Cone / CGNAT, something like that). I’ve been trying to find a way to open ports.

First I setup a VPN on the Huawei, an L2TP thingy, so I have a static IP. Opened ports on the Huawei, no luck.

I now have the Wan port from the Huawei connected to the Beryl, and have connected up to that just fine. Internet is working. Have gone to the port forward page and set those up, and still haven’t had a result.

Just wondering whether I’m missing something, or if this is technically impossible? Any help would be really appreciated… And whether this will be even worth it in the end, with added latency…?

4G/5G CPE does not have public IP so you cannot use as server.

There are several ways to access this network remotely.

  1. Just ask your carrier to give you a public IP. You surely need to pay more for that. After that port forward etc will all work.

  2. Connect MT1300’s WAN port to the CPE. Don’t connect wrong. Then set up vpn on MT1300 and do port forward and access from the vpn server side. This is not so easy to set up but in the forum there are a lot of post talking about this. Check out the post/blog with Helium and Spitz.

  3. You can set up Wireguard server on MT1300 and then use www.astrorelay.com to relay that so that your Wireguard can be accessed from the Internet.