5G USB Modem (maybe with external Antenna) for Slate AX GL-AXT1800?

I ordered a Slate AX GL-AXT1800, which I will primarily use for hotel traveling.
However, I would also like to use it on a remote property (in Germany) and need a 5G USB Modem with strong signal strength (preferably with an external antenna).
The paradox at this property is that the 5G signal is partly better than the 4G/LTE signal.
Are there 5G USB Modems that are compatible with the Slate AX GL-AXT1800?
The speed is not necessarily the most important thing there (although it would be nice if it brings a lot of speed), more important to me is a good connection.

Hello Thirteen37, i’m in a similar position where i’m based in Canada and have an Alcatel IK41 USB 5G modem and i wonder if i can connect it with GL-MT300N-V2 which a similar system as your AXT1800. Have you been able to test it and does it work?? have you got any feedbacks from support??

Thanks in advance


I have some 4G modems, not yet have 5G modems.

Isn’t Alcatel Ik41 is 4G modem?

Yes you are right Ik41 is a 4G modem but does work with 5G sim cards as well. I have tested it with a TP-Link WR902AC but it did not worked and now i’m trying to find a new solution with that GL-MT300N. So you have been able to use the Ik41 with that unit by using a 4G sim card??? Anyway I have ordered a Unit so will be able to test it and will send back the results of my tests
Thanks for your reply

Ok I got the GL-MT300N today and tested it with an Alcatel Lk41 modem using a new 5G sim card and all worked well. Did not connect the first time as described in the instructions (getting the carrier name), disconnected the power and reconnect it then the unit started to share internet access.

Big thanks Alzhao

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Am I able to use ADT New NGFF M.2 Key-B To USB 3.0 Adapter Riser Card w Dual SIM Slot For 3G/4G/5G LTE Wireless Module Modem WWAN Card 3.7V 3A/4A selling on AliExpress since it a 5g modem

Do you mean working with AXT1800?

I guess it should work. But does the adapter board has separate power?

The most important issue is to ensure power is good for the modem.