5G version of the Spitz GL-X750

Dear GL.iNet,

Any plans to release a version of the Spitz GL-X750 with support for 5G cards, like the Quectel RM500Q-AE?


I suppose folks willing to pay $1000 for a phone might pay $600+ for a 5G router/modem. I’m not close to being there yet especially with true 5G needing to be near a millimeter wave cellular access point. I don’t consider bands in the 600-2400 Mhz range to be true 5G.

You and I probably have different use cases.

I find mmWave deployment a lot less useful than having 5G on n71 and n41. With n41 (SA mode) at or slightly above 1Gbps in Ookla speed tests rolling in from T-Mobile users on iPhones and Android phones along with the extra speed from n71 (600 MHz) vs LTE Band 12. It’s nice to have the lower-latency and extra speed boost especially when traveling in more rural areas. This is especially true for the RV and travel-trailer using folks of the GL-X750. I pick range/penetration over speed, any day, and that’s where n71 is strongly suited.

Personally, most of my Spitz GL-X750 is in undensified areas which will most likely never see 5G mmWave deployments. But the areas which I primarily use my GL-X750 now have active n71 and n41 deployments from T-Mobile which has SA turned on.

My friend has a mmWave capable Verizon phone and has seen 2Gbps+ speed tests on it. It’s impressive, but you could literally turn around 180 degrees on the street corner and it no longer connects at mmWave.

The problem I currently see is that the GL-X750 uses a mini-pcie slot and those modules seems only have m.2 editions for now.
Yes, there are adapters for mini-pcie to m.2, but I guess you might run into space limitations then.

The Quectel modems are not famous for their speed, that is all i can say :stuck_out_tongue: I would probably take their specs with a grain of salt.

I would definitely purchase a GL-X750 with a CAT18 or better modem. I have a Netgear Orbi LBR20 and it rocks, but sadly is not as extensible as GL routers.

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