5GHZ Dongle on XE300 Puli

Hi all, this is my first post and sorry if any offtopic item included.

Can we use a 5g dongle on Puli? I have a BrumeW and I can use my RTL8812AU on that. But not able to do same on Puli

Any advices or any FAQ to follow?

There is a specific wifi driver for RTL8812AU which is installed in Brume.

But we didn’t port it to Puli. You want 5G you can use Mudi, which is dual-band version of Puli

I have Brume and I have Puli. I think buying Mudi would not make sense at this stage.

I can understand your marketing strategy, than i would try things myself… what to do…

Thanks anyways.

Marketing strategy is not the first reason we make products.

WiFi dongle is never as professional as the internal wifi.

Wifi dongle is just a requirement where i use Puli.

Your not providing driver for rtl8812au like Brume is your choice. I can’t say anything because you have another device with dual band wifi.

I just wanted to highlight, buying a new device for dual band wouldn’t economical for me, thats it.