6416 - firmware 2.264 - MWAN3

Hi, the package MWAN3 is really needed or I can safely remove because I use only one WAN connection? I want to remove it because there are continuous ICMP echo request (4 ping every 5 seconds ) towards Google DNS and OpenDNS.

Cheers Raphael_

Yes, many already complained of the same problem calling google)!
You can do a search but from my notes:

Disable Mwan3 (pings Google) -
opkg remove luci-app-mwan3 # Luci > system > software
rm /etc/config/mwan3 # can just delete this file in WinSCP

ssh to the router, issue those commands.

mwan3 stop
opkg remove mwan3 luci-app-mwan3

Thanks a lot @kyson-lok and @glitch

Cheers Raphael_