705S USB Modem

First off I want to say I am very happy with the 705s I bought and finding more and more uses. I use wireguard VPN with Torguard ang works great. Cloudflare DNS over TLS is another great add on.

I travel a lot and use the router to connect to hotel WiFi. I log into hotel WiFi on my phone and go thru the captcha and login, next I turn off WiFi power on 705 router which I cloned the MAC address of my cell phone. Router boot up to connecting to WiFi is about 90 secs, next I slide the switch and enable tor guard vpn with wire guard. I do have a 128 gig micro as card installed and stream movies to my amazon fire stick over 5ghz.

I am looking for documentation on usb tethering on a iPhone or what is supported in USB modems. I would like the option to use this in other places I may not have WiFi available.

Thanks in advance for the help

Have you seen this link?