750S In "Wired" Repeater Mode

My current home network is a Wisp setup from my local broadband provider. I am using a TPlink router in AP mode wired to the WISP router and then use Wifi for everything to connect in my home. The current issue is when ever the Internet takes a dump. I loose all my DHCP and LAN connectivity.

I know if I swapped the TPLINK and used my 750S in wireless repeater mode. I can connect to the WISP router and the 750s will still provide the DHCP to the devices connected to its SSID.

For stability reasons, I’d like to have this exact setup with the exception that I don’t want to use wireless when normally connected. I’d like to do this wired router to router. Then I could still have my private LAN and if the internet craps out, my local network still stays up. And if the internet does not come back anytime soon I can then simply jump into the console and have it look for my Iphone to tether wirelessly temporarily. Again, not loosing my LAN functionality.

The big reason I need this is due to a device I use for TV. Its a Tablo DVR and it needs to have DHCP to get an address. There is no provision to set a Static IP.

Hope this make sense.

I read your post and I think you mean just a “router” mode.

You can connect the WAN port of AR750s to your ISP router and that is it. You can connect Cable or WiFi to AR750s. When your ISP is down, AR750s can still operate the internal network on its own subnet.

You can configure AR750s to connect to your iphone’s hotspot wirelessly and provide Internet as well.

Thank you… Ok, not sure if I understand this… So I just leave the 750S in default mode. Connect the WAN port to any port on the ISP “Microtik” router and I will have internet access and no DHCP conflicts?

My plan is when the ISP is down, I can simply pick up my phone and tether wirelessly in repeater mode from my sofa.

You can set up repeater in the UI of AR750s. So you will have two Internet. The router will use cable first. If cable is down it will use repeater.