802.11r on AX1800?

Hello! I was wondering if anyone has tried to configure 802.11r (fast transition) on the AX1800 (Flint)? I have two of these (might get a 3rd if this works) and would like to enable ft, but it is not listed in luci. I thought I would ask before I tried configuring it via /etc/config/wireless in case it isn’t supported in the driver or is known to be buggy. Thanks!

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have you seen this?

That guide is for vanilla OpenWRT and does not work with these devices (for one there are no ‘wpad’ or ‘wpad-openssl’ packages). On vanilla OpenWRT one can enabled 802.11r with a simple checkbox in LuCI.

from my AR750S-EXT running glinet firmware 3.215

from one of my AX1800 on 3.214:

did you enable encryption, might need to enable?

I don’t think that is properly supported in LuCI as the only options are WEP.

well, that is strange, just WEP
based on that clue, someone more experienced would know.

but for me,

You can find such option if you use 4.x firmware.