802.11r on B1300

Hi there,

I’ve recently acquired the Convexa B1300 and I’m setting it up with another set of openwrt routers I already had.

After the first-time setup, when I visited the Luci interface I realized that there was not 802.11r support on the interface.

I’ve search for a wpa-full package as suggested on the OpenWRT foruns, but I could not find it. Searching the forum it seems that this router uses a custom qa-wpa package.

I’ve tried setting up 802.11r over ssh setting things on file, but further investigations indicate that the router did not enable it.

Is it possible to enable 802.11r on B1300 on testing or clear firmware? I don’t want to flash and be surprised to not find it either

IIRC - Convexa is built on QSDK on the gl-inet builds…

QDSK lags compared to OpenWRT.

That is a bummer, I wanted to keep using the cool features that are shipped with the stock firmware.

I was able to get 802.11r working using the upstream OpenWRT pre-compiled release instead.
I had to configure over ssh, as it didn’t show up on the UI.

How did you do that?

19.07 updates hostapd to support 11r


I’ve downloaded it from this page [OpenWrt Wiki] toh:gl.inet:gl.inet_gl-b1300 and used the firmware update on Luci

@bltavares did you lose the GL-inet gui features?

I would love a step by step guide for this as well as setting it up on a Velica.

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