A few newbie questions about my device

Hello all !

I have purchased the GL.iNet GL-AR750 travel mini router and would like to ask you some questions to see what I can expect from it, since I didn’t have the chance to unbox it or start using it yet.

  1. I would like to set it up as a VPN client. Does it have the option to set a manual DNS and disable IPv6 access on it so I can prevent VPN leaks ?

  2. For a 300 Mbps broadband connection, if I use it with a Wireguard VPN as a VPN client, will the max speed still be around 50 Mbps?

  3. I have set up cloud access for it. Does the router need to meet certain conditions to have cloud access enabled for it, or will it be accessible in the cloud regardless of the network configuration, VPN configuration, or other factors, as long as it has internet access?

  4. Are firmware updates automatic on this model? And if yes, will it restart automatically when updates are released and applied, or will I need to manually restart it periodically to apply any pending firmware updates?

Thank you in advance for your help and support !

In latest 3.104 this is already done. IPV6 is disabled.

Almost 50Mpbos. Generally I can get 40+ Mpbs.

As long as it has Internet access.

If you choose auto update, it will update and reboot itself. But by default it is not auto update. You can update from your cloud.