A little pack of questions


  1. Does your products connect to some control server (like GoodCloud) if it is not enabled? Unfortunately it is crucial because company will ban me from purchasing your product if it connects to any remote control server. If connects, how to disable this?

  2. What the difference between support@glinet.biz and support@gl-inet.com? It seems both are valid (as my mail checker says). “.com” seems to be more trustworthy than “.biz” for most people.

  3. Do you run exactly OpenWRT? I don’t care if it have proprietary software or not. I just need capability with OpenWRT

  4. My router have USB port. How to make it available via LAN?

  5. If I allow something on LAN will your firmware open this to WAN without my permission?

  6. Approximate current (in Amps) of your USB ports on your routers? Will it handle SSD?

  7. Where to install .APK of your app with google evil corp?

  8. How to block certain website (not as parental control) on your router?

  9. If device doesn’t support AdGuard Home by default (like MiFi or Mudi or another little portable device) how to install it?

  10. Additional question to N9. How to block certain domain without ADGH?

It does not - but it connects to the firmware checking service. You could disable it by blocking the domain / trying to find the script on the device and disable it there. It will connect to the configured NTP server as well.

You can even install ipk files from the official OpenWrt mirror - as long as the version is the same. So I would still say “Yes, it’s OpenWrt” But some open-source purists here are not the same opinion… :smiley:

You can’t as far as I know, if we speak about “getting my USB printer into the network”. You can only use it as some storage extension.

No. There is no UPnP. Of course, all outgoing traffic is allowed by default.

Using AdGuard Home is the best way to go.

Don’t do. They mostly don’t support it because they don’t have enough power.

This should work: [OpenWrt Wiki] DHCP and DNS examples

But please keep in mind: OpenWrt is not some UTM-enterprise-firewall. So blocking on DNS base is only some really low tech thingy. Every system which can get around DNS (by using it’s own DNS resolver) will be able to connect to the domain anyway. So mostly this is pretty useless speaking of blocking.

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Not problem

You mean Update server? If so not problem too.

That all I need to know :blush:

Not UPnP, I mean if it is local storage via SFTP will it be automatically be available via my external IP?

Like CPU? Or memory?

Will “Adblock” package work better?

Can I ban all DNS excluding that one that set in router?