A question about load balancing

Hi there. I’ve been looking into bonding multiple cellular data connections with my landline,using huawei travel routers. I was using speedify vpn for like 5 minutes before i realised they didnt allow certain protocols on their servers. I already own 1 gl.inet brume and 4x gl.inet mango’s that i sometimes chain multiple vpn providers over, could they be combined to do the job? my other option is to get a tp-link load balancer, but wanted to save some cash


this weeks podcast of linux unplugged has a segment of load balancing of cellular modems.

oh ok, may have to take a look,thanks. as i say i’m already convinced that a tp-link load balancing router would handle the connection bonding, but all the videos i’ve seen they are using said router to bond adsl through seperate ethernet. my idea was to tether the sim travel routers to each of my mango boxes usb ports and plug them into each of the tp-links wan ports. Maybe thats not quite correct though,i dunno