A word of appreciation --{-@

I have been buying and using technology for the past 30 years, both for personal and business use.

I wanted to take a minute an simply commend and appreciate the type of responsiveness and attitude by the GL-iNET team members on the forum, with a special mention for @alzhao

I never encountered a tech company, be that one of the giants or the small ones, that provided such a level of response and care to the user’s needs and issues.

and most importantly - even when there is no solution to be offered, it is still done in a professional and prompt way that makes me comfortable in choosing this provider for future purchases.

kudos to you all! :slight_smile:

(others thinking like me feel free to throw in a good word to the team too)


Yes! Also special mention for @alzhao and GL.

The excellent customer support and assistance provided for openwrt makes this a very special company.
The forum brings a lot of users together too. I am very happy that my router gets security updates in a way that is essential on today’s internet.

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Thanks everyone! Great encouragement.

We are trying to give quick and helpful support. Sometimes it is hard but eventually we can handle it.

We are trying to reply every post. Now it is hard time for us because Guys cannot come to work because of the virus. But things is becoming better.

I endorse these sentiments. I own 3 gli.net products and could not be more pleased. Functional right out of the box and no run around like I got from other vendors. Powerful and versatile.

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