A1300 Slate Plus: Downgrade from Snapshot fw 4.2.0 to Stable fw 4.1.0

Can I downgrade my router A1300 Slate plus form 4.2.0 (Snapshot FW) to 4.1.0 (Stable FW)?
Are there any precautions to be followed?
Downgrading because there seems to be little value in the snapshot FW (other than NCM modem compatibility, at least for me), as compared to the stable 4.1.0 FW.

You can install firmware version 4.1 directly from the upgrade page.

If you want to keep the configuration, you can try backing up the configuration in LuCI and try offering LuCI import or manual import after the installation is complete. However, some configurations in version 4.2 may not be compatible with 4.1 and unexpected situations may occur.
If you have backed up your configuration before upgrading from 4.1, you should have no problems restoring it.

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I have a back up from 4.1.0. Thanks. Much appreciated. Wish you and the GL-iNet team, Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas…


Simply curious… Why do you want to revert - some problems with 4.2.0?