A1300 State Plus CPU usage

I have 2 device connected to the network, one by lan and one with WIFI, despite that I got a CPU load of 8.36, I don’t think it’s normal, could it be a HW issue or a software one?


could please provide more information? Logs, enabled services, and so on.

Check this thread to finde some information: How to get support quickly

Thanks for the fast reply, should I upload the .tar the Webpage gave me? Or a specific one?
As for enabled services, I got Adguard and i’m connected to a VPN.
Firmware Version is 4.4.6.
It’s connected to my ISP router via LAN.

The tar file is fine, it contains all necessary logs.
How many lists do you use with AdGuard?

Uh, 14 lists.
Here’s the log, I hope it didn’t contain anything personal I cared about
logread.tar (134.5 KB)

While AdGuard is disabled, is the CPU still under that much load?

I’ll have to check when it spikes that high again, for now it’s at 1.24. Are you saying that AdGuard or more specifically the amount of lists I use it’s bad for the cpu?

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Well „bad for the CPU“ is none of those. If they are just spikes I would ignore it. If it’s a long time it could lead to issues (not in hardware, but maybe some functionality of the router will stop)

Amount of lists and entries is 1 part of the puzzle, yep.

I mean, sometimes it just drops connection to my phone, while my ethernet connected pc works, for it to connect again I need to either remove power from router and still it doesn’t always work or wait 20 minutes for it to relax

Just for comparison:
I run the same firmware (r1). One device connected to LAN, 5 devices connected by WLAN 2.4 and 5 GHz. The A1300 works as repeater/router for an hotel-WLAN and Wireguard -client.
No Adguard or something else running.
System-overview shows a CPU-usage of 0.2 (whatever this means) and memory-usage of 50%.
Slate plus is running in this configuration stable since 20 days.

I wish something as low as 0.2 CPU load. Also yea it’s a bit tricky to understand real load.
My memory is at 80%, should be ram that I would also like to know by what it’s being used.
I guess I’ll try to remove AdGuard and report back how my experience